Walk and Talk

with Anthea

Helpful conversations on the move with a nurturing guide who really listens
Walk and Talk
1 hr








If you feel like you’d like to talk about what’s going on for you and how you are feeling, there’s nowhere better to have that kind of conversation that outside in nature.

We will walk together in beautiful surroundings and Step by Step we will help make sense of your current situation and how to make changes for the better.

I want to share my love of the local walks and hills and lakes with you. We will work through some goals and include helping you to establish a daily walking practise. We will look together at any barriers you may have to moving more often.

These days we spend a lot of time indoors sitting or using our computers. Our physical and mental health is suffering as a result of so much time spent indoors.

There is a lot of joy and solace to be had in walking and it helps put negative thinking into perspective so that you will feel less stressed and energised.


“Talking can be easier when we walk together”

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We will work together to make moving more often a priority.

It’s a kind of lasting change that really will help your mental and physical health.

This therapy is suitable for people of all fitness levels even if you are currently doing very little exercise.

"They said......."

On a cold day in April last year, I was at a very low ebb, standing in a long dark tunnel, a chink of light in the far distance.

At that point my mind was in turmoil.  Anthea and I talked for a while and I learned about how she could guide me to a better place.....should I want to go. No pressure, just kind understanding of the place I was in. I walked away from that first meeting with hope.


So, when you’re in the darkness and a light appears in the distance, it could be Anthea with a torch showing you the way forward, go toward that light, those first few steps can take you to a better life......should you want to. I did and found a better path.

Love Sue L x