If you have bought the CD and are using the mantras exercise on Track 2, here is a list of the ones on the CD plus a few others.  Just choose whichever one seems right at the time.

I'm bigger than this


everything is going to be okay


I'm doing the best I can


I am here and now


I am not my thoughts


this won’t last forever


I can be the space for this


I am strong enough to get through this


I’m not in this alone


I can be with this


thoughts and feelings come and go


be still and know myself


where am I? I am here

Zoom Meetings

It's easy and free to schedule or join a Zoom meeting and if you haven't tried it yet we're on hand to help.


When you book a session, we will email you straight away to confirm we have received it and on the day of the session, we will send you an email with a link to the meeting - it's the blue writing in the example below - you just click it and it takes you to the zoom page to join the meeting.

Zoom meeting link.png

Click the YouTube link below to see how to download the Zoom app to your desktop, laptop, tablet or 'phone. It shows how to join a meeting and switch on your microphone and camera :-