Why is it so darned difficult ?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Why is it so hard to change?

Even when you’ve discovered something new that works for you, why is it so hard to stop slipping back into old ways?

One reason is familiarity: you know who you are and what your life is like when you are your old self. So even if there are aspects of both of those that you want to change, change means venturing into the unknown, the unfamiliar. You don’t know yet how to be the new version of yourself that you want to become. And, until you have begun to put your attention and energy into being in the Here and Now, that uncertainty carries with it a degree of unease.

Another reason is that bringing about change means adding some energy into your intention to change without knowing what the outcome will be. Investing your effort without a guarantee of what the outcome will be is difficult. And you’re not going to know what the outcome will be because it is outside of your current experience – you will only know it when you become it.

Your old way of behaving has a tremendous inertia or stuck-ness born of years of repetition. So, accept that it isn’t just going to fall into your lap and keep your energy in your intention to take the steps that make you feel better. You can do it.

Set yourself a target which is in line with the direction your intuition is pointing to. Make it small enough that it is achievable but big enough that it feels like a step has been taken when you get there. Feel good about that and then set another achievable target.

Try not to take on changing your whole lifestyle, world view or self image overnight. It’s not going to happen and when you fail you’ll zap straight back into old you.

The way forward is to develop greater presence by choosing to align yourself with the truth of your essence, this presence which is awareness. Be knowingly in the Here and Now without being in a mental commentary.

That’s tricky but you can do it, bit by bit.

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