what is a worry ?


is a feeling you are experiencing now

as a feeling in your body

as a result of a thought you have just had

about something that may or may not happen

that thought was followed by a thought that involved you

and then perhaps another thought

and with each thought

the muscles in your body tightened up

starting in your stomach

leading up into your chest

making your breath more shallow

depriving your body of oxygen

your heart started beating faster to try to compensate

now your body is reinforcing the thought

that there is something going wrong

some danger to be fended off

it starts to produce the chemicals necessary

for fight or flight

everything is saying that the original thought was true.

But it was only a thought

that appeared briefly in your mind

that you believed it and held in place

from your current way of seeing

but that was just one way of looking at it

that’s all


touch wood

for good luck

thoughts come and go

but you are always here

keep coming back into your here and now

how does that feel, now ?

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