Is ‘Peace of Mind Now’ just mindfulness and meditation?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Is ‘peace of mind now’ just mindfulness and meditation?

It’s true that the number of people who have heard about Mindfulness is growing: there are magazines, mindful colouring books, mindfulness courses and apps. You can even do a three year university degree on it.

What is equally true is that for most people it is just something that they tried for a while and now they’ve stopped because it didn’t give them what they were looking for.

That is even true for people who have tried to make meditation a part of their lives. I know people who have been meditating regularly for 20 and 30 years and who are still affected by anxiety and emotional issues like feeling unworthy and ashamed.

Yes there is real benefit from calming the mind and bringing one’s attention into the present, but on their own these are not enough. When we engage with these techniques we can alleviate anxiety and depression, but unless we know their fundamental cause, they will return when we stop doing the techniques.

Peace of Mind Now offers you the insights to understand what creates these issues and this understanding will then set you free from them.

When you understand the root cause of anxiety, depression, lack of self worth etc then you will know why you are looking to calm the mind and bring your attention into the present.

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