We’d like to share our understanding of how to be comfortable within yourself and live a stress free life.


When you choose Peace of Mind Now you’ll find that we have a unique insight into the causes of the difficulties you’re facing.  We know it is possible to bring anxiety and other issues to an end, not just manage the symptoms or learn coping strategies.


Anthea Jones

Anthea Jones will help you feel heard, understood and supported for who you are and what you are currently experiencing.  Her background of having been a Samaritan, working for MIND, holding a postgraduate counselling qualification and her intuitive people skills mean you will find her really easy to connect with.

Mike Buckley

Mike Buckley can help you feel lifted, relaxed and generally happier all round. He delivers mindfulness based training and coaching for companies, individuals and charities including a service for Mind working with NHS patients. He also teaches tai chi and meditation, which he has been practising for 30 years.

The Peace of Mind Now approach helps you to feel less stressed really quickly.


It’s like upgrading to a new version of yourself, one that finds life easier and somehow lighter..

From there the simple, short techniques you’ve been given will help you to keep visiting this new place that you'll have discovered within yourself. Each time you’re there you will know, from your own experiencing of it, that you feel calm and more relaxed .

There will be some practice required but, in the beginning, only 5 minutes a day.

You will begin to notice the difference for yourself.  For example, in situations that previously would have made you anxious, frustrated, annoyed, angry etc, you'll find that you can cope with them a lot more easily and bounce back a lot more quickly.

The insights that you will explore are much bigger than the relaxation techniques.

A coping strategy only works when you are doing it.  This is the shortcoming of basic mindfulness techniques that others teach: they do little to cut off the source of the difficulty at its root.  When people realise this intuitively, they stop doing the techniques.

In contrast, the easy to understand insights that we share with you, will help stop you from getting wound up again once you begin to learn how to relax more deeply.  This way we can look together at how to find a peace of mind which stays with you.

Peace of Mind Now is about finding a happiness which doesn't come and go.

We want to guide you to a place, within yourself, or you could say a realisation, where peace and happiness are the essence of who you are.  Lots of people that we have worked with have already taken this step.  It feels like 'coming home' or 'finding myself again'.

"If you're thinking of joining a session then don't hesitate. Do this for your self. Mike finds a way to make it possible to simply be."

If your intuition is saying you're ready to take the next step .......


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"They said......."

Joss and I went to see Anthea and through this we both ended up going to see Mike, Joss has depression and has suffered massively , But i can say its now been a year since his last really bad time, So it has helped Joss massively, It helps so very much and makes people more at one with themselves and at peace. And you will find as we have , That when you start finding that inner peace, people around you want to know more, Its the ability of breaking Free from stress , its a renewal and like the charging of a battery .


Love Anette & Joss