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Fees 2021/22

 6o minutes  : £85

 90 minutes  : £125

Relaxation & 

Stress Relief

Each session is a blend of simple and effective guided techniques and insights, which bring the participants to an immediate feeling of relaxation and calm, of feeling lighter. 

"I have been dipping in and out of mindfulness for a good many years and today's session was the best I have ever had."


The emphasis is focused on how the participant feels during the session. This leads them naturally to want to apply what they have learned so they are able to change their base position to one which is more at ease, in more situations, more of the time.

Group Size

15 participants is a good working maximum for a Zoom workshop.

Larger numbers than this reduces the degree of interaction with the participants and the sessions become more like webinars.

In fact the smaller the group, the more interactive the session can become which enables the content and pace to be tailored more closely to the needs of the individuals.

We currently work with groups as diverse as Mind, Carers Wales and Young Farmers

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How it works

The sessions are really easy to set up and it usually involves one or two members from your organisation.  Typically they set up the zoom meeting, send out invitations to participants, admit them from the waiting room and greet them. Mike joins the meeting about 10 minutes before the workshop begins and then gets spotlighted to deliver the session.

We can help with advice if you are new to zoom.

To discuss booking a session, contact us using the form below, email us at mcmbuckley@gmail.com or call on 07831 986168 and we will be happy to talk it through with you.

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"The ten minute practice seemed to go in a flash, then to be told it was 15 minutes was amazing"

"I felt that I went deeper than ever before and I wanted to stay there"

"In the first breathing exercise I realised how busy my mind is but by the third exercise I was completely relaxed and my mind actually switched off for a period of time which is a fantastic achievement for me."

"Very enjoyable and more importantly for me a fantastic way to end my working day as I left my office feeling relaxed and not thinking about work until the next morning. Also had a fabulous nights sleep for the first time in a few nights."