for Anxiety

One to One

Working with people individually is the best way to make the biggest progress in the shortest time.  Using NHS diagnostic tools, Mike's work has proved to reduce anxiety by 85% after just three sessions.  His perspective offers a broader view than the standard mindfulness approach and you will feel a difference from the very first meeting.
If you prefer to talk on the 'phone or use a different platform like WhatsApp, just let us know.


Before I came to see Mike I was very anxious all the time, worrying about my family, unable to deal with my thoughts. I couldn’t relax or sleep and was in turmoil. My first session with Mike was life changing.

My outlook is different in a very positive way, i actually feel some 'happiness'..thank you so much for helping me, i appreciate it all.

I have been struggling with panic disorder and anxiety for three years now. I used to be frightened constantly, needing control of everything.  Talking with Mike and using his knowledge and his techniques, I have found much improvement and now have a calmer approach to life.

In just two sessions of talking and meditation (plus references and meditations at home), Mike guided me to find a peacefulness and calm which had felt totally out of reach, as I was churned up, emotionally distressed and full of fear.

Thank you for showing me the way to a happier and more fulfilling life through the much appreciated mindfulness sessions with you.

  • One Hour Zoom session one to one with Mike Buckley, mindfulness coach

    1 hr

    45 British pounds