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One to One



When you get to a stage in your life where it is difficult to see the way forward, having a One to One session with Mike is a way of opening yourself up to a bigger picture.  Whether it's an issue, a relationship, a situation, a health matter, a lack of energy or a yearning for meaning, Mike will help you expand your perspective to see beyond your current horizon to find what you are looking for.

If your focus is more on personal growth, Mike can help you reconnect to a more authentic version of yourself and understand how to live from that place.


Mike, when I first came to see you I was in a mess. I didn’t know what to expect or how it would work but it has been probably the biggest positive turning point in my life, in terms of saving me, in my head. What you have shown me has and will help me to continue my life on a more positive path and I cannot thank you enough

If you're thinking of joining a session then don't hesitate. Do this for your self. Mike finds a way to make it possible to simply be.

I was referred to Mike to help cope with a stressful period at work. Mike guided me through a process of self reflection and discovery which has helped me find the tools within myself to thrive and move past my troubles. I would wholly recommend Mike to anyone who is suffering from stress or who wants to get to know themselves better.

When I had a breakthrough on my second to last session, I felt absolutely wonderful, I hadn't felt like that since I was a child.

Mike's coaching taught me how to stop thinking about my problems, at least for a while, and take refuge in the present, where the past and the future don't exist, and things are very calm. It doesn't sound like much, but it really works, and has made all the difference to me.

These sessions last 60 minutes and are delivered via Zoom.  When you book, you will receive a confirmation email from us which includes the link to the meeting.  

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Mike has been practising tai chi and meditation for over 30 years and teaches with clarity, humour, insight and patience.