Weekly Class

These weekly group classes last 30 minutes and are delivered via Zoom.  When you book, you will receive a confirmation email from us which includes the link to the meeting.  
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Mike has been practising tai chi and meditation for over 30 years and teaches with clarity, humour, insight and patience.


Mike's teachings have shown me a way of being that is not ruled by internal monologue, with all of the worries about past experience and future possibilities that inevitably come with it, and instead just focus on what's going on in the present moment.

I felt very relaxed and could feel my mind was clearing, and was shown ways through meditation to link my body to mind to become calmer and at ease with myself.

The meditation techniques have been a joy to undertake giving me a glimmer of much sought after inner peace. You helped me to see what piece of the life jigsaw puzzle was missing giving me a moment where it all made sense.

This session has opened my mind to the possibility of having utter stillness within a hectic mind.

Your thoughtful and gentle guidance made it possible to follow a path towards inner peace and stillness and the freedom we had to question and comment was so helpful.

Meditation for Beginners

Mike will give you the instruction you need to understand why and how to meditate and the support to maintain your own practice at home between classes.

These drop in sessions are a mix of practice and insights.  Join us if you're a beginner or have done a bit before. You'll be welcomed in.

Meditation for


This class is for you if you have been following a practice for some time, probably for years, possibly on and off. In these classes the emphasis is on 

insight guidance and the practice in the session is directed to helping you  to experience the insight for yourself.

Mike looks at universal, timeless truths which will illuminate and deepen your practice whatever tradition you follow.

  • insight meditation for personal growth

  • guidance on deepening your practice

  • develop greater stillness

  • support to maintain your own practice

  • help with difficulties you are facing

  • understanding the wisdom of awakened beings

  • guidance in self realisation