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Anthea Jones

I love hearing others people’s life stories and am curious about what makes people tick. My big love in life is being outdoors and I find walking immensely beneficial and restorative.

Mike Buckley

Helping people to reconnect

to their own true nature

and find there an unshakeable

 peace and happiness is what he enjoys most.

Mike Buckley

Mike’s exploration of body, mind and spirit started in 1990 when he began to study Tai Chi.  It put him on the path of paying attention to the present moment which has helped bring about a transformation in his life.  He began to feel a lot more comfortable in his own skin and let go completely of some childhood issues.


The difficulties that Mike encountered in life such as his quest for perfectionism, the need to be right, addictions and feeling awkward were still evident but his worrying was definitely getting less.  Becoming more mindfully present was reducing the effect of hay fever year on year. 


Being a self employed builder and plumber was a great opportunity to put the learned principles into practice in ‘real’ life and there were many chances to hear the voice of anxiety and yet be spacious enough to choose not to live from that place.


In the background there was still the sense that something was missing, but the ability to follow his inner intuition was getting clearer and stronger.


The biggest shift took place for Mike early in 2017.  The shift from being present to being Presence removed the background sense that something was missing.  Almost thirty years of seeking came to an end with the recognition of his true nature.


Most of the time, Mike now experiences a knowing that peace and well-being are indestructible aspects of who he is. And it's who you are too.


Sharing insights and helping to guide others to the discovery of their true Self and the accompanying peace and joy is what Mike likes to do most.

About Anthea

Fresh air and connection to nature gives me energy and open spaces renew me. I would love to share my two passions of walking and talking with other people and encourage and support you to reconnect with your authentic self in the outdoors.

I will offer you a supportive and kind space as we walk to get to the heart of what really matters to you. We will discuss how you can move forward in a way that is simple but effective. Helping you explore different perspectives and options.

Walking in nature is really the mind-shifter extraordinaire! Walk with me and find out.

I have a post graduate qualification in CBT counselling and work for the charity Mind as a blended CBT practitioner. I have years of experience of listening to people, as a Samaritan and as a self help guide at local GP surgeries across Mid Wales.