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 At  Peace of mind now  we understand what causes anxiety, low mood and difficult emotions.  If you’re experiencing any of these, we know that it is hard to see a way out but from the moment you contact us you will know that you have come to the right place. 

Our understanding goes way deeper than most, which is why we’re confident that we can help when others perhaps have failed to make a sustainable difference in how you feel. And that applies whether you’ve only just decided to do something to make a change or if you’ve been looking for years. 

"when you discover the essence of who you really are, reconnect to your true Self, all anxiety and problems begin to fall away"

Mike Buckley 

We can help you find peace of mind now.

We will guide you to your own discovery of an unbreakable peace -

when you feel it for yourself, you will know it’s real and you won’t need beliefs or concepts.  

Just your own experiencing of feeling more relaxed, more assured and easier within yourself.  

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be accepted

be understood

be supported

be stress free

be happy

be connected

be yourself

be free

"They said......."

“I have been going through the most traumatic experience of my life which has involved me facing my worst fears. I am extremely fortunate to have had support from Anthea, who recommended I have some 1-1 meditation sessions with Mike. In just two sessions of talking and meditation (plus references and meditations at home), he guided me to find a peacefulness and calm which had felt totally out of reach, as I was churned up, emotionally distressed and full of fear. Through Mike’s thoughtful and sympathetic explanations, putting into words something which is beyond words, and through a guided enquiry into my emotions and perceptions, he enabled me to experience myself from a place of knowing, without fear, self-doubt or suffering. I feel this has opened up the life-changing pathway I needed to find.”

Suzy B 

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